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We all know someone, even if we aren’t aware. Infertility is a silent epidemic sweeping across the world that most people have no idea about. There are 6 million documented couples dealing with infertility in the U.S., and many more couples don’t come forward about their struggle. We want to bring awareness to this problem plaguing couples, and help raise money to support their IVF treatments.

Anne and Nate Kibler struggled with infertility for five years. Silently working to create a family without any hope. Through multiple attempts and unbearable pain, the pain of never being able to have a family and never knowing the joy of bringing a child into the world, Anne and Nate stayed strong.

After traveling to Belgium multiple times and countless IVF procedures they had one last shot at becoming pregnant. The doctors called Anne’s pregnancy a medical impossibility, but they call it their miracle.

Kai was their miracle!

They want to help give hope to other couples who want nothing more than to have a family of their own.

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A Quest For Kairos


A Journey Through Faith

A Quest For Kairos is one couples amazing journey to create a family. Describing the pain and ostracization that couples experience each and every day while trying to conceive. It provides a unique perspective on their journey through the ups and downs of infertility.

Through humor and self reflection Nate Kibler brings you into his life and educates about the infertility epidemic.

50% of the Book’s profits go back to the Foundation!

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