The Kairos Fertility Foundation

aims to help couples afford IVF without going bankrupt in the process. Every family deserves to have the chance at a family and our aim is to help create that possibility. Infertility can affect anyone and not many will openly speak about their struggle. We hope to raise not only money but also awareness for this epidemic.

We partner with Dr. Chris Williams, and the Reproductive Medicine and Surgery Center of Viriginia for all of our current IVF scholarship couples.

Help us create new families like our first Kairos family Kayla, Travis, and Zeke!

Every donation helps!


Founders Nate and Anne Kibler and their son Kai!



Our First Family

Parents Kayla and Travis Carter gave birth to baby Zeke on Sept 28th, 2018


Baby Zeke Carter

Kayla and Travis were referred to the foundation from RMSCVA. They had gone through years of infertility, and were told the only likely way they would conceive was through IVF.

Kayla was ready to sell her car, and do whatever it took to have a child. Her dad was battling cancer, and she wanted him to be able to watch his grandchild grow up.

But Kayla and Travis knew that they would have a family on God’s timing, and soon after became the foundation’s first couple!